Divorce – the law and your lawyer cannot solve everything

As a family law attorney, I like to help my clients solve their family law problems.  You lost your job, we can file a Request for Order to modify support.  You want to see you child more, we can file a Request for Order to modify timeshare.

But what if you have been divorced for several years, your child is graduating from high school, and you want to bring your new significant other to the graduation ceremony and celebration?  Bringing a Request for Order and asking for the Court’s assistance will not likely get you what you want.  Though you are divorced, you are still co-parenting and still connected to your former spouse through your children.

Open lines of communication are key.  Carolyn Hax, an advice columnist from the Washington Post, provides some good ideas on how to deal with the question above.

A good family law attorney understands when the questions posed by a client require more than a legal answer or response.  A good family law attorney may refer a client to a therapist or a co-parent counselor.

If you have questions about your dissolution matter, be sure to speak to a qualified family law attorney – someone who can not only answer your legal questions but also feel comfortable enough to refer you to another specialist who may be better able to assist you with a non-legal component of your divorce.