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Getting a dissolution in California is child’s play compared to getting a “get” in New York

Getting divorced is never fun.  Feelings are hurt and emotions are often raw.  The California Family Code provides a framework for couples to follow to help minimize that angst.  Religious rules and leaders can also provide structure and guidance to those who follow a particular religion.

Among more religious Jews, women are required to obtain a document called a “get” from their husbands before they are officially divorced and may remarry.  Some men refuse to grant them.  In New York, some rabbis agreed to help women who could not obtain a “get” from their husbands.  While they may have been divorced according to New York law, they were not divorced under religious law.  These rabbis took extreme measures to help these women.  You can read more here from the New York Times.

If you are getting divorced in California and need assistance navigating the legal process, you should speak to a qualified family law attorney.  You may also wish to contact your religious leaders for counseling and/or to determine if you need to complete any additional steps that your faith may require.